American Chemical Society: Project SEED Scholarships

Project SEED scholarships are nonrenewable and only awarded to first-year college students. Selection is based on achievement in school, success in the Project SEED program, financial need, and intended chemical-related field of scientific study.

The scholarships are intended to assist former SEED participants in their transition from high school to college and consist of up to $5,000.

To be eligible for a Project SEED College Scholarship, a high school must be a senior and have worked at least one summer at a science institute under the Project SEED program. Scholarships are restricted to students who plan to pursue in a chemical science or engineering field such as chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, materials science, or some other closely related major.

Project SEED College Scholarship Applications are to be submitted only by students who have participated in the Summer I or Summer II SEED program and who are entering their senior year in the fall.

  • Official High School Transcript
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (high school science teacher and ACS Project SEED mentor)

Mentor Recommendation. The letter from your mentor should include a description of the progress made on the research project, the applicant’s attitude toward research, aptitude and enthusiasm toward chemistry, and potential as a future scientist/professional in a chemical-related field. This letter may be provided by either your research mentor or by the individual (e.g., graduate student, post-doc, technician, etc.) directly supervising your research in the lab.

High School Teacher Recommendation. The letter from the high school teacher should include a description of the applicant’s enthusiasm and commitment toward a chemistry-related career, as well as their academic success.  The letter should also describe to the extent possible, the impact ACS Project SEED has had on the applicant.

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